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Reconstitution or reopening of the blood vessel; could entail balloon dilation, mechanical stripping of the inside in the blood vessel, forceful injection of the elastic filamentous protein, or placement of the stent. For aspects see the Angioplasty and Vascular Stenting website page.

The whole process of reworking or coding info to make it unreadable to any person except Individuals possessing Exclusive know-how or the key to decrypt the data.

A affliction through which a blood clot types inside a primary vein that returns blood flow from the extremities again to the guts and lungs. Such a clot may well increase big enough to completely block the vein or can pose a serious possibility if A part of it breaks off and travels towards the lungs.

A skinny, tube-like instrument with an connected light as well as a lens for viewing the inside on the abdominal cavity.

A significant ailment by which just one Element of the intestine slides into another part of the intestine, just like a folding telescope, generating an obstruction and triggering swelling and inflammation. For information regarding prognosis and cure begin to see the Therapeutic Enema for intussusception site. invasive

An examination of the decreased rectum and also the prostate gland in males to look for abnormalities. The term "electronic" refers to the clinician's usage of a lubricated finger to conduct the Examination.

Colorectal cancer is most cancers that kinds in Try these product the large intestine (colon or rectum), during the reduce part of the body’s digestive tract, a lengthy twisting tube that extends through the mouth towards the anus.

Protrusion of a degenerated or fragmented vertebral disk with opportunity compression of nerves from the backbone. hiatal hernia

Removal of tissue or suspensions of cells from living people through a compact needle for diagnostic evaluation.

A healthcare imaging examine with the Mind's surface making use of smaller electrodes to encourage a nerve so its electrical reaction can be measured. By figuring out the position of distinct nerves in a very affected individual, this technique helps surgeons avoid damage to sensitive spots although operating on the brain.

A condition in which the thyroid gland would not generate more than enough thyroid hormone for the body's wants. Signs or symptoms include things like weight gain, Electrical power reduction, and dry skin.

An inherited condition during which the lungs, intestines and pancreas grow to be clogged with thick mucus, interfering with regular digestion and breathing.

A respiration apparatus that can help individuals inflate their lungs and exercise respiratory muscles to prevent the onset of pneumonia adhering to surgical treatment.

A body housing the x-ray tube, collimators, and detectors in the CT or radiation therapy device, with a sizable opening into which the patient is inserted; a mechanical aid for mounting a tool being moved in the circular path.

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